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Our home designer & remodeling company Burr Ridge will provide clean spaces to every home. Trust our interior designers & remodeling contractors to provide you with great design in mind that, when applied, will prove to be highly functional. Our home interior designers & remodeling contractors Burr Ridge find passion in helping customers arrive at the best layout for their homes. This way, they can move freely around with ease while appreciating the beauty of their space.

With our expert home designers & remodeling contractors Burr Ridge, we are ready to design and proceed with the remodeling project for residential properties with a purpose. We are one of the interior design firms in the area that have been providing outstanding services for years. Trust our kitchen, bathroom, and basement designer to provide you with a great design in mind that will prove highly functional when applied. Rest assured that EO Interiors will provide you with the design that your home deserves. Don’t hesitate and give us a call today!


One Stop Shop – Your Interior Desinger Burr Ridge And Remodeling Contractors Burr Ridge In One Company

When you’re looking for remodeling contractor Burr Ridge, EO Interiors is your best choice for getting it all completed by the same team of professionals. From the planning stages to project completion, EO Interiors can do it all, and because we work with you on the plans, creating a 3D rendering of your design solutions, you have a team that knows every aspect of the project working for you. That’s how we can get the most out of your home renovations, whether that’s a kitchen remodeling in Burr Ridge, a basement remodeling that takes every need into consideration, or you need a bathroom designer to completely renew the look of your space.

EO Interiors is the only name you need to know for an interior designer Burr Ridge that can do it all for you. Trust in the expertise that our home designer in Burr Ridge can bring you and see how easy your interior design plans can become reality. As your one-stop shop for remodeling contractors in Burr Ridge, EO Interiors is the only call you have to make.


The Services of EO Remodeling Contractors Burr Ridge

3D Interior Design Projects

3D Interior
Design Projects

Our interior designers in Burr Ridge have gone from the traditional pencil and paper methods to sleek 3D designs. You can check the details conveniently and let us know if there are adjustments that you want us to apply.

Kitchen Design & Remodeling

Design & Remodeling

Get your dream kitchen design at a cost that will not burn a hole in your wallet. Trust our professional kitchen designer in Burr Ridge and have the remodeling done according to your unique preferences. Give us a call today!

Bathroom Design & Remodeling

Design & Remodeling

If you want to have a more spacious and luxurious look for your bathroom, our bathroom designer in Burr Ridge can make it happen. Trust our home designers to get the job done right the first time and go beyond your expectations.

Basement Design & Remodeling

Design & Remodeling

If you want a basement that you can use and add value to your home, our basement designer in Burr Ridge will make your basement look alive and functional for daily use. All you need to do is share your ideas with us!

Whole House Design & Remodeling

Whole House
Design & Remodeling

We will take your home remodeling projects to the next level, making sure everything is done smoothly. Trust our professional home designers in Burr Ridge to provide the home that you have always wanted at an affordable price.

Ceiling Design


Trust our home interior designer in Burr Ridge to provide you with a ceiling that stands out. You can speak with our home designer to know the different options that you have. Call us anytime!

Fireplace Design


Your home deserves a grand fireplace, and our interior designer in Burr Ridge can make it happen. We will direct you towards the path of excellent design and build you the fireplace that your entire family can enjoy.

Stair Design


Our home interior designer Burr Ridge is here to provide you with elegant and durable stairs in design. If you want quality stairs at an affordable price, trust our home designers to provide you with the stairs your home deserves.


Why are we the most rated kitchen remodeling contractors Burr Ridge and bathroom remodeling contractors Burr Ridge?

If you are looking for interior design firms in Burr Ridge that you can count on and trust, we are it. We have a professional bathroom, kitchen, and basement designer who can help you achieve the home you have always wanted. We provide the highest quality of services at an affordable price. Restore your home’s beauty, and give us a call today!


We are one of the interior design firms in the Burr Ridge area that have carefully selected each designer to have everything that it takes to part of our team. We will greet you with a smile with every project that we accept. Trust us to be accommodating and approach us anytime with questions that you may have.


Our home designers Burr Ridge have been providing outstanding services for years. Rest assured that we have the knowledge and skills to provide you with the design that you have always wanted for your home. We will provide you with a high-quality service that will be beyond your expectations.


We make it our goal to provide our customers with the highest quality of work. Our interior designers in Burr Ridge only use top-quality materials so that you can expect the best outcome possible. We commit to quality work on every project that we accept. Don't hesitate and give us a call today!


We understand that hiring an interior designer comes with a lot of questions, but there is nothing to worry about. No matter the size of your project, our interior designers Burr Ridge can help you get fantastic results and amazing ideas that will enhance your lifestyle and save you from making costly errors. EO Interiors Burr Ridge can answer all of your questions, and that is why we prepare some frequently asked ones and answered them to save you time and ensure a positive experience and outstanding result.

How do I find an Interior Designer Burr Ridge that is within my budget?

Regardless of the size of your home remodeling, bathroom remodeling, or kitchen remodeling project Burr Ridge, inform your interior designer about your budget. Our home designers Burr Ridge always have creative, functional, and cost-effective ideas to renew the beauty of your home. And all of that of course within your budget.

How much should I budget for
bathroom remodeler & bathroom remodeling Burr Ridge?

The cost of your bathroom remodeling will depend on several factors, such as the materials, size, and style. When budgeting for your remodel, consider how much you can afford. Our bathroom designer Burr Ridge will help you create a design that will add comfort, beauty, and style. You can also show your interior designer sample pictures or ideas that you want to achieve from there. Then, we will work up a design that fits your budget. 

How do I start remodeling my home with home designer Burr Ridge?

The first step to a successful home remodeling is to build a detailed remodeling plan. Identify which part of your home needs improvement, and develop a plan that stated the goal for your home remodeling. Include designing inspiration and outline of the work. Next, set a budget for the project that includes permits and building materials. Once you have these, call our home designers in EO Interiors Burr Ridge to help you achieve your vision. 

What is the Remodeling Process Like?
What Do I Need to be Responsible for?

During the designing and planning phase, you are responsible for hiring the best and reliable home interior designer Burr Ridge. Make sure to explain the goal, ideas, and functions that you are looking for. Choose the desired date, and sit down with your contractor to determine the amount of time each portion will take. Let your home interior designer and remodeling contractors explain which step of the remodel needs to be completed and how long they will take. It is also your responsibility to let us know your budget and alternatives. EO Interiors Burr Ridge has been enhancing the lives of our clients with our unique and beautiful styles for many years. Give us a call today to know more about our services.