Revitalizing Your Living Room With An Interior Designer Chicago

You can create a touch of class and a new vibe to your home with the right complements. In many cases, you don’t even need a complete decoration overhaul to spark new interest in a particular room. With just a little attention to the space, your home interior designer Chicago can create something special that you never thought possible.

Check out some of our home design tips below, used by the experts to make any living room pop with style. You’ll wonder why you waited this long to consult with an interior designer Chicago.

1. Use Earthy Tones And Add Splashes Of Color

The current trend that interior design firms in Chicago use today incorporates a classy feel with minimalism and a touch of fun. You can add a little vibrancy to an otherwise subdued and sophisticated design with a splash of color in the right places. A good interior designer Chicago will generally start with a neutral palette and add bright colors with some accessories like pillows, art, or a rug to punch up the space. If you find that it’s too much, you can always remove some of the color pieces.

2. Green Adds Life

It is simply a must to include live plants in any living room. Greenery can infuse a certain freshness and openness for a healthy vibe. Scientifically speaking, studies indicate that plants can improve concentration levels and productivity by as much as 15 percent while also reducing stress and boosting mood. It is surprising how much a home designer Chicago can revitalize a space with just a little vegetation. It takes very little effort to add few ceramic pots that hold beautiful plants into the living space for a calming effect that it can have on everyone.

3. Interior Designer Chicago Advice: Use Minimalism With Solid Blocks

By holding back on the excessive décor in the living room, you can avoid making it look cramped and cluttered. By making it a minimalist style, you free up the space, make it easier to clean and maintain, and you can add the color elements you like to create a chic atmosphere. That’s how a good home interior designer Chicago can add by taking away.

Make your living room inviting and comfortable by making just a few little changes within the space. You will find that your space goes from commonplace to extraordinary in no time at all. EO Interiors has an interior designer Chicago ready to transform your living room. Call us today and watch your space come alive.